Wednesday, January 11, 2012

S6E10: The tale of every "Finale"

What could I say? This is the tale of every 'Finale'

I was freaking busy today with my preparation for MPP 'Grand Finale' Night and the PERMATA Award this evening when I saw a chinese girl hugging her malay friend wearing a scarf. Tears rolled down her cheek. 

I was touched.

For UMKians, especially FASA students the time has come for them to start a new adventure in Jeli Campus. A very new campus next February..which means there'll be no more KB Mall, TESCO, Cool Blog, etc...and the 'best' of all is no more FKP friends to talk to..

I'm gonna miss these people so much..

Since my first year, these two ladies up here had given me lots of motivation and support to start
an English Debating Club in UMK. We hang out once in a while at Family Kopitiam, LOL, exchange series, talk about life, giggles, watch horror movie at 4 am and then takut balik bilik, talked about illuminati...gossip world in UMK..yada, yada, yada..

As the ending is near, what could I say more...I love every single moment that I've spent in UMK and I really appreciate His plan for me.

The tale of every 'Finale' will end with tears whether it is happy or sad.

One day, we'll meet again:

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