Thursday, February 2, 2012

S6E11: Bastards - The Metaphor - 'B' word

Sounds like mustard but at least mustard taste better.
Now this post is mainly for me to bitch about a few people which I believe had occupy spaces of hatred in my heart.

You see,
a few weeks back I met this Bastard (fuh first time I call someone with the Big B word)
spent time, sacrificed a lot, hell lot and then kaboom...



I couldn't find any space in my heart to be cruel and hate others...but this time I'm working so damn hard to hate
someone for the rest of my life.

so Dear Bastard,

I hate you and things related to you.
I just hope you live your life regretting what you have done to me.

***ok done, felt better***

I have many great things awaiting.


Well, I learnt.

and this time

will never look back.

I just have one more important business to settle.
and I know its gonna be a big finale.

*Candy-Bila* favourite song at the moment


  1. deep frustration until you start writing in malay? LOL fert. haha. but I know that feeling. join the club. :)


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