Tuesday, April 3, 2012

S6E13: Going Viral

While going through some of my earliest posts in S6, I felt so disgusted with myself. Haiya, how come I got so 
emotionally involved and kept mumbling about lovie dovie stuffs all the time, lmao. Anyway, I've said goodbye to all that quite some time ago. 

A lot of things happened since my previous post in FSD S6E12, I went to Melbourne for my MPP trip, struggled to find a place to stay for my internship, hang out every single weekends and at the moment I'm updating my blog from my office where I'm doing my internship. 

#1: Melbourne was super awesome, an inspiring city. Visited several Unis there.

#2: I actually get my own desk and PC (my first day during Internship @ Environment Asia)

#3: Best colleague ever! Hannah, Sharmila, Helen, Xing Kang & Zeela (she snaps this pic)
#4: My first week of MAPPING + LAND USE!
#5: Site Visit Bukit Bakri, Johor...I actually get to travel around during my LI :)
#6: Road trip, I get to drive and no one complains :)
#7: Teluk Intan was awesome too! We had lots of fun!

#8: Boss and his surprises! I gained lots of weight working here. Fun but challenging.

 After 1 month doing my intern, I find the job market in Malaysia is huge but the competition is hell. It's not easy to get a job nowadays. My HR told me, everyday my company will be receiving 10 to 15 job applications. Even if you can speak English, but if you put on MUKA KETAT during interview..it's gonna be a NO NO for the company's big gun. Another thing is, whatever I learnt in class is a tiny bit...real working life is way worst than that. One day you're in and the next day you could be out.

And yea, not to lose the best part...even though I have to say goodbye to my favourite all time TV Star..the Desperate Housewives, I have to prepare myself with other new series as well :) 2 Broke Girls is just it. It's hilarious, trust me!

Series Buzz #1: Just 2 more episode before the series FINALE! and yea they killed Mike Delfino in episode 16 :(
Series Buzz #2: Body Of Proof-Going Viral is absolutely great..loves Dr. Hunt! (Dana Delany)

Series Buzz #3: Body Of Proof-Going Viral is genius! 

and yea...tada! This is super duper awesome!

Series Buzz #4: 2 Broke Girls...its damn hilarious. Couldn't stop laughing watching these two girls

Well peeps, I guess that's all. It's gonna be a while until my next update in FSD S6.I would be very busy enjoying my days working in an Environment Consultancy Company :)

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