Wednesday, May 16, 2012

S6E14:Everyone Needs A Trophy

Desperate Housewives 2 Hour Series Finale was beautiful and awesome. I really love how they ended the award winning series. The best part was the Johnny Mathis, Wonderful! Wonderful! being played as the background music during the birth, death and marriage moments.... Wonderful Moments.... that portrays the cycle of life.  

I was on my way to work today on the 17th May 2012 listening to the song, when I started reminiscing about the past. I was a supporting actor in MRSM Taiping Drama Team 2006 back then. It all began with a few rounds of audition. Names of those who got selected were written on an A4 paper and pinned on the old English Unit notice board. Then, we had days of torture by the our Drama Team seniors followed by a heroic moment when Ms Farah saved our lives and brought us back on the right track. The first proper training night was in the hall, we sat in a big circle and started brainstorming. A team leader was chosen, script writers were appointed, line ups for leading and supporting roles were announced and then selection of the AJK,etc (delegation of task). These were the normal routine in setting up a team to work on a particular matter. 

You can create thousands of team but to make it work and win something needs a lot more than a normal routine. Of course any team would have their on drama (tears, anger, scandals, etc) but this one had something a lot more than that and it's really difficult to put them into words. 

Anyway, we won the regional's Dramafest competition and then National's came. There were tense, anger, cries, misunderstanding, intimidation, butterflies in the stomach, mobile phone being misplaced moment and yea adrenalin rush when we're about to perform.   

we figured out a way to handle the "pre-performing anxiety syndrome"

"we put aside all of our differences, put our heads and hands together... aiming the trophy and of course the spotlight too" 

We had this special routine, we would gather in a circle, Mr. Syed the director would whisper some motivational lines (it's like a short speech) and then we would perform a special cheer. It's a simple but special routine. It brought us together. We would do it twice, before and after a meeting or training session..*this line sounds so wrong..LOL... The cheer was simple but very meaningful.  

Well the cheer itself couldn't really win us a trophy...of course it must come with hard work, focus and most important....passion. I realise that most of the time a team malfunctions when self-ego comes into place and there's not much of a give and take principle being played by team members. Despite our differences, we chose to indulge and cherish it.     

guess what? we won the National's

I wish I could have a team as good as my MRSM Taiping's debate and drama team in UMK. Wishing and hoping alone wouldn't be enough huh? Yea right....

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  1. Hi..awesome story..Do you have any recorded footage of your drama team performing? I would really love to see you guys performed during those days!


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