Thursday, May 24, 2012

S6E16: Jaw-Raw-Ward

In order to assist any Caucasians reading this post, the term pimple is known as 
 jerawat in Malay (pronounce as: Jaw-Raw-Ward,'s actually Jer-Rar-Wart)
Here's the thing about pimple, I have no idea why do they keep popping on my skin.

Every single time when I:
1) got Stressed 
2) got Horny
3) ate chocolate and slept straight away neither without cleasing my face nor brushing my teeth 
4) had too much on my head
5) watched Nicki Minaj's video clip
6) gobbled up McDonalds
7) ride my bike to work 

Pimples have became my friend these days, and I certainly don't know why, when I
just don't think we can end up being the very best of friends. Not just we don't have anything in common,
I've reached the age when pimple is suppose to bid farewell. I'm 22 for God's sake.

Here are the list of pictures, where camera+lighting helps to hide Mr.P on your face:- except for the last one...dats my new working area :)

Midvalley with Yan & Paa
Another shot! Just sebab Yan xpuas hati
Lonely boy in the office..decent
Horny boy in the

my new working area!!!!
Till then...tata peeps :p 

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