Thursday, August 30, 2012

S7E01: Ssshhh...She's Asleep

Hello followers, this season I'm gonna start representing characters in UMK as fairy tales' creatures. This would be a harmless way of channeling my deepest frustration in trying to cope with the social  coercion. I'm sorry dear 'characters'.

If it is only the 'true love kiss' that could wake her up, 
would the magic curse be broken forever. 
Only the evil androgynous queen knows the answer. 

It has been two months since everyone from the land of Jewels were put through a long sleep. Some were trapped in concrete jungles, some were dumped in the forbidden forest and some became minions of the evil queen. Charles on the other hand, was the only one who lived his dreams not knowing that Reeta has feelings for him. Oh, who's Charles by the way?...An undeniably narcissistic college jock with a devious charm who believes that the world is his oyster. Wouldn't be much of a surprise if someone likes Reeta would fall for him. 

Four months ago, the evil queen put everyone into a temporary sleep (which is considerately long). They were told that they would only wake up if Reeta admits that she has feelings for Charles. And yes, she did at the end of the fourth month. That's why everyone's awake now and ready to bust their ass off this upcoming fall, seeking revenge and long lost affections. People are coming back to the land of Jewels. By people I mean, Charles, Reeta, Courtney, Patel, Foxy, Keith and another 200+ seniors. Trust me, it would be fun to watch them struggle in a never ending denial of their rotting secrets. Perhaps, this would be a wake up call for the evil queen who's terrible in dancing;- every dance moves she made would invoke fear and pain in the less alpha individuals. 

Poor Reeta, a lonely girl,
who's heart's so fond but 
who's thoughts are so blonde.
Watch what you eat, 
never take a bite on a rotten apple.

**to be continued**
S7E02: Hello Jewels

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