Saturday, September 8, 2012

S7E02: Hello Jewels

Hello Jewelians! Seems like September is the new beginning of another era; the final chapter of the long bottled up feelings and the never ending drama of the puppets of life. It has taken me days to put together a proper beginning so that I don't spill the milk that easy to the frenetic readers who's been pondering and forcing me to crack the code for them. LMAO. So I have to be very careful now.  

Let me begin with Courtney, a fun yet easy going girl with a stunning upbringing. Her first 3 years in the land of Pendanted Coral (before Jewels, all characters were originally from The Pendanted Coral-the land of civilization) were a total upside down as she struggled to portray the best of her to Charles. Of course, having to comfort Courtney to go through phases of a mild meltdown, Keith has developed an unbreakable immunity against her dismantled thoughts every time she tore apart. But the love Courtney has for Charles  is indefinite and could never ever be replaced and this is clearly portrayed the moment her Charles & Keith stiletto hits the ground of Jewel.

The land of Jewel is nothing more but a very peaceful and cool surrounding, so serene and pristine that even the upper east siders would be willing to throw away their diamond golds and caviar away just to be one of the Jewelians. New faces seems to be contaminating the sempiternity of the classic air of Jewels but not Ally, at least for Charles who has his eyes rolling when Ally passed by. Of course, the male ego always forced him to put on a straight face but deep inside Charles had a crush on her. Sadly, eyeing all the way from her window; lonely girl Reeta with a dream and hope to have Charles notice her. She's not that stupid Charles, she can see your  phony grin when Ally gave her innocent smile and left an electronically delivered token of appreciation.

Meanwhile, the evil queen sets her oblique plan hunting down young ripped muscle boys diverting them from the straight path a normal guy should be taking. Flaring red headed witch always has it coming when it comes to mumbo jumbo and little minions being assigned to perform weird yet unnecessary projects. Evil Queen takes a look at her crystal ball, holographic image of Charles appears clouded by evil cupids. "The beginning of my plan seems to be working fine" she smiled.

Thou art lovely Courtney,
of roses and potpourri, 
who's personality so bold but not her eligibility,
just watch your steps and fiery

**to be continued**
S7E03: The Minions

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