Friday, September 28, 2012

S7E04: Mama Diva

Rise and shine Jewelians, it's time to walk down the memory lane. Seems like somebody from the past has just made her remarks in the Founders' Ball this year.


Though the hustles and bustles in her working life, she decided to come back. And this time, it's for the Annual Founders' Ball held in the land of Myst (a small town, located 15 mins away from Pedanted Coral).  

The limo stopped right in front of the main entrance, where flashes of lights emerged from cameras as the shutter's been released. The driver hastened to the back door, opened it and smiled at the mysterious figure inside the limo. Then slowly, she came out...and's her..but wait..seemed like she did not turn up alone after all, emerging next after her..a tall brunette in her elegant black heels with little white pearl earings...oh my2! what do we have here? Two 'it' girls whose never on any girls's 'fav list' but always in every boys' dream.

The Evil Queen made her way to the stage, cleared her throat and welcomed everyone to the ball; "Welcome ladies & gentlemen, to this year's Founders' Ball. Now, on behalf of the founders family, I..." but before she could continue...her vissions captured the image of two ladies walking into the hall. "Scarlet & Pearl?!" her voice peaked then she continued, "Scarlet, where's your chinese husband? and Pearl in brunette hope you got lucky tonight, consider the upcoming moments as a gift from me for stealing what used to be mine!".


Meanwhile, Keith made his way through the dark and scary forbidden forest to meet Pixie. Well, the journey wasn't long though, he rode his exclusive EX5 to the secret cave located 15 minutes away from the settlement area. There, he met Pixie; knitting tiny mittens with golden threads. "Well, as I've anticipated. You would be coming to me for help" said Pixie. Keith replied, "Our love journey might have ended but our friendships remains til eternity". Pixie smiled, took a bottle filled with purple pixie dust from her swag and replied, "You're one smart guy Keith".

Swipe those hair color, 
oh dear lector,
you'll find two dolls, 
kissing fellow trolls

**to be continued**
S7E05: Bruises of Bruce

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