Friday, October 5, 2012

S7E05: Bruises of Bruce

Keith took the bottle filled with purple pixie dust and hurried back home. When he entered the house, Patel was standing there putting on a worried expression. "You've gotta a have a clear picture in your head and say out the wish clearly" Keith told her and grabbed her palm. Patel grabbed the bottle of pixie dust firmly in her palm, closed her eyes and then she muttered, "Shallow and hollow makes no great sense, to Bruce my love I shall  be sent". And...PLURP, they both disappeared. Patel's vision faded and she could no longer see the night sky in the land of Jewels, everything kept twirling around. All she saw was dark illusions with holographic picture of her life experiences. Within minutes, her visions came back and....."OMG! Bruce!" she yelled in shocked. Bruce was lying on the floor and his body is bleeding very badly. "The witch took me here!", Bruce uttered softly and then fainted.

Patel screamed her heart out, "BRUUUCCEEE!!!". Appearing from the hallway accompanied with thunderous sounds of footsteps were Scarlet, Keith and Pearl. "What happened here?" Scarlet asked. "OMG, it's Bruce my son! Quick...Anyone knows CPR? Can somebody call 911" she squalled. Pearl took her smartphones and made a quick call. Soon the hallway became overcrowded with people from attending the Founders' Ball wanting to know the excruciating details about what happened in the guest room. The Founders' Ball turned into a disaster when police and ambulance came. Bruce was admitted in the intensive care unit.

"I knew it! You caused all this! My Bruce have always had a great life until he met you!" Scarlet  hollered to Patel. Patel replied with an anxious expression, the only thing that she had in her mind was just wanting to see Bruce smiling, holding her hands and talking to her again. "Scarlet, that's enough. Patel, you need to leave we'll take care of Bruce" Pearl interrupted. So Patel left the land of Myst and headed back to the land of Jewels.

 The ICU was where she did it all,
She killed lovely Bruce and Scarlet after all,
but devious Pearl escaped her trick,
oh no the Evil Queen is worried sick.

**to be continued**
S7E06: Foxy's Retreat 

-it really has been awhile, Charles, Courtney, Reeta and more will be back-

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