Sunday, October 14, 2012

S7E06: Foxy's Retreat

Patel has never been this depressed in her life. It has been 12 hours since Bruce's funeral and all she could picture was his charming smile and all those romantic words he cast on her when they were at the initial monkey love moment. KNOCK! KNOCK! "Patel! Open the door! It's me!" said a voice from outside her house. Patel dragged herself to the front door to entertain the visitor. "SURPRISE!!!!!". It's Foxy in her Leopard-print Versace's head scarf decently decorated with pretty white lily brooches and yea of course her swag. "Here, hold my Galaxy Tab and press the silver button on the screen" Foxy said. Patel was horribly depressed but she was forced to entertain Foxy (her BFF). When she touched the silver button on Foxy's expensive gadget, the screen transited and a picture of an antique gold ring decorated with three tiny emerald diamonds became visible. "This is now yours" Foxy interrupted. "OMG!!!!" Patel cried and burst into tears. Foxy then continued "I know how much this meant to you, I know that you fell apart when you have to sell it to the antique store when you were totally broke and it's the first ever gift Bruce has given you. Foxy took a small black cubicle, opened it and gave it to Patel. "It's all yours now" she added.


Dressed in his pale pink long sleeve and brown khakis, with an adequate trimming of the facial hair and the light green contact lens Charles get himself ready to impress the freshmen. "I'm gonna get myself a wife this year..haha" he whispered confidently in front of the mirror. As he walked towards the office building, he intercepted Reeta at a junction..but before Reeta could say a single word Ally came into the way and moaned "Charlllllleeesssss....Allllyyy is so tirrreeddd...Allyyyy needsss a huggggggg" and she hugged Charles. Reeta faked a smile and left. Meanwhile, Courtney, Patel and Foxy made their way towards  Charles and Ally and the ugly picture. "Hey Ally, how's you're Chlamydia going on?" Patel provoked while Foxy added, "Yea, and I heard you're tainted peaches are selling fast too". And the three of them gave her a b&*^ laugh. 

But before things turned any uglier, Charles laid his eye on a beautiful figure. A new girl in town, with short red skirt, lovely pink neck scarf, vogue shades and a Prada hanging elegantly on her wrist. His could feel the juices flowing, the adrenalin rush and the towering interest to go and talk to her. 
Foxy, Foxy the Queen of Money,
Her thoughts are so fond but her acts are so naughty,
Though her money and diamonds are awfully plenty,
She's gonna need more than that to help Courtney. 

**to be continued**
S7E07: Tiffany & Charles

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