Tuesday, November 13, 2012

S7E07: Tiffany & Charles

Fair and gentle, soft and steady, decent but not that very innocent. Who else is it if it's not Tiffany Tramp dressed in red dress and thick glass bee-eyed shade and a floral hat with a cute sling bag. "Are you new here?" Charles approached Tiff. "Sorry, I don't talk to jocks" she replied and left Charles hanging there by himself. At that instance, Charles realised that the battle to win the heart of Tiffany Tramp is so on.

The next day, Tiff and her best friend Banu had lunch together in Jewels' Grills. While Banu was busy sharing her adventures leading the head of volleyball's team, Charles made his way to both of them. "Heyyyy Banu, heard you did a great job with the volleyball team?" Charles interrupted. "Hey yo dood! Waddup! Yea, volley girls rock! Hows ruggers doing" Banu asked but before the conversation could go any further Tiff took her purse and left the table. "See you in the lecture Banu!" she said while hurrying towards the front door.

Charles then asked Banu, "What's with her? Seems like she's avoiding me all the time?". "Well, it's not your fault you're too awesome to date a typical girl like her. You might as well talk to Ally, she's all over you!" Banu replied. 

Sitting opposite Banu and Charles was Reeta. She has been lonely for quite some time. She was never in a special relationship before and all she wondered was how thus it feels like to be in one. While she took her time gazing at Charles sexy back, a guy came towards her. "Hey! Is this free seat's available? I'm Noah anyway" said Noah, an exotic mix-blood dude with a face where the famous Lee Hom was born. Conversation has a flow, so that's how Reeta first special encounter is about to begin.

Meanwhile, Courtney is having period pain again and she couldn't hold it this time. "Patel and Foxy! Please accompany me to The LOLs store, I need to stock up on the necessities" cried Courtney. So off they went to The LOLs, one of the famous mini mart in the land of Jewels. On their way there, Courtney bumped into a new dude in town. "OMG! I'm sorry!!! Sorry!!! I'm in a hurry!!!" Courtney stammered. "It's okay, I'm George" the guy replied.

She's not a chatterbox,
but she's a fox,
be careful Tiffany Tramp,
you don't wanna be rammed.

**to be continued**
S7E08: The First Bite

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