Friday, January 25, 2013

S7E08: The First Bite

D24 Durians from the forbidden forest soaked in white wine,
Saliva of the promiscuous troll mixed with the heart of an effeminate pig,
Two drops of  scavenger's tear and 0.05% of mercury...hehehehe 

"I persist. This war needs commencement and I shall be the one to take the lead", the evil witch said. "A poisonous D24 would be the best bait in the history of dark magic" she howled. So, the evil witch commands her minions to the land of Jewels, impersonates young college teenagers to share D24 as offerings to the targeted individuals.

"Reeta & D24"
It was a fine morning, Reeta woke up after long hours of series marathon and an exquisite porridge filling the empty compartments of her stomach when a young girl knocked on her room door. She got off her bed, saw the unclosed Charles' facebook profile tab on her notebook screen that she forgot to shut down after midnight stalking and opened the door. "Good Morning! Good Morning! Peace offerings from Charles to everyone in this land" but before the young girl could finish Reeta grabbed the D24 and gobbled it up. Halfway through, her visions darken and she fainted.

"Courtney & D24"
[music playing] 1, 2, 3, 4 turn your body...5,6,7,8 star jump..good..goood. Her workout routine is always the best part of the day, where she jumps and dance care-freely. Patel and Foxy came to her room, "Courtney, look what we found? D24 right in front of your room?...Hey, there's a cute card saying... I'm sorry from Charles" they both giggled. Suddenly, a skype call came in, and it's Justin all the way from Canada. "Nahhh, later..I've got to taste this yummy D24" she said while putting the yellowish flesh of D24 into her mouth. The next second, she fainted on Patel and Foxy. "OMGGGGG!!! Courtney!!! Grab the water! Grab it now!!!!" Foxy screamed. "Huh?" Patel wondered. 

"Ally & D24"
"Banu, I have decided that I'm leaving Charles for my own good" Ally affirmed. Banu startled and gave her a blank smile. "OMG! A gift box? Like seriously? From who?" Banu excitedly asked. "OMG! Charles!!!!! Look it's your favorite D24, look at those inviting yellow juicy flesh" but before Banu could eat them all up Ally took a bite and fell onto the floor.

"Tiffany & D24"
 It was just in time for dinner when Tiffany was served with D24 rice generously by the lady in the cafeteria. "Dear child, have a taste it's our new breakfast meal". "Wow! My favourite...but can I wait and eat em up with my friends later?" Tiffany asked. "It's a peace offerings from a young handsome son..Charles..take a bite dear child...take a bite..."the old lady insisted. And so, Tiffany tasted the D24 rice and she fell, lying on the cafeteria next to the stray cats gobbling up the fish bones.

**to be continued**
S07E09: Four Coffins & A Kiss

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