Saturday, February 8, 2014

LBF#1: This Nation

Teresa Kok's Onederful Malaysia Video was another proof that the modern Malaysia's political game has never changed, in fact it has gotten worst. This applies to both coalitions. I first questioned her intentions of coming up with that video, was it to win the public's trust, secure more votes for the next GE or really to fight against corruption and all the angelic missions she had planned out for Malaysia. Gladly, the intention was good and the video was creatively produced. I adore her directing and filming skills. The content was honest and able to strike a vivid message and portray a clear image on how the current government is faulty and its time to flag  them out from ruling. But...seriously, it's a little immature and cheap (that's Malaysian politics..or Global politics). I don't know whether this norm is taking place worldwide or it is just in Malaysia, but sarcasm and indirect mockery seems to be everyone's favorite genre. It has now been part of us; Malaysians. 

More and more TV Shows, movies, dramas are easing out in terms of eastern values and cultures but focusing on humor and sarcasm to be in trend, fit in the industry and make more money. When will I wake up in this country and start looking up at our politicians? Hoping that every single word they say is intellectual, strategic, realistic and futuristic+inspiring?. Oh! We already have those politicians but not many, two most famous would be YB Khairy Jamaludin & YB Nurul Izzah. It is very important to have politicians of these distinct qualities and capabilities to represent, communicate and inspire Malaysians. Our leader is our example, they are our ideal figure of a champion but what is happening now? We make kangkung videos and L-O-L big time watching it, we make parodies that we inject with sarcasms and indirect humiliations. Where did our respect go? These are our leaders, why can't we find the best approach to express, convey the message? Another sad....sad syndrome would be youtube videos and other social media posts responses/comments. Yuna who is making it big time in U.S.A should be given credits and motivated to stay on the right track with her image but once again, our keyboard champions insensitively posted comments which are degrading and humiliating. The rakyat and the leaders are problematic but I love the fact that more and more individuals are starting to take a neutral academic stand with a proper evaluation of facts and holding back before overreacting. At least I have a little peaceful corner here in my own nation.

I would say I find my peace here in the State of Kelantan (specifically Jeli). People are nice, they smile at you and make your day. This place helps you to stay focus, isolate yourself from modern world distractions and unneeded pressure. Even though the growth and development is taking place at a slow pace, so what? at least its taking up shape according to its own definition and formula. It is the power of religion that keeps a nation safe, peaceful and in control. There was this one time, me and my friends went into a house to switch on the lights cause the owner was away for a few our surprise when we walked out of the house, we saw a big group of neighbors on motorbike starring at us. Oh yea, we brought in girls (they wanna take a look of the house) and they thought we're planning to explore each other's body parts in private like most 3GP videos made in Malaysia. I like the fact that these people care, they protect their people and neighborhood. I adore the fact that sex is not just any recreational activities; an open access rituals to live our life?! I feel loved and cared. Religion tells you to investigate, find out the truth before you jumped into a conclusion. Musyawarah. It is a process that is filled with individual respects and is highly sensitive to peaceful practice of mankind. Now in Malaysia, the concept is a little bit there but the implementation is tarnished and faulty. Look at our MPs childish disputes in the parliament, clearly it's like watching "Maharaja Lawak Mega: Parliament Style".

These little brown fingers of mine couldn't do much. I am a Malay from the inside but my alleles express the other side of me; phenotypically. Most of the time, I don't feel belong to either race but I know that I belong to this country; I am Malaysian and I love this nation. I was born here, I grew up here, I sing the National Anthem, I gossip over roti canai and teh tarik, I am thrilled every time I came across an international interview when the interviewee spoke in Malaysian English. So why can't we reform this country our own way? Why must we humiliate and condemn each other to climb up the political ladder? Why can't we compliment and top that up with ideas that we could do better in what way and how? Why can't current MPs tone down with their alter ego?

I have trains of thoughts and threads of ideas in my head but most chose to appear within seconds before disappearing again slightly before these little brown fingers of mine could type it out for you guys to read. I am grateful for the fact that I was chosen and given the opportunity to further my studies abroad in a few months from now by the Malaysian government. And yes its the rakyat's money and investment. I love this nation and I wanna make it better. 

If a victory of a nation is established through condemns, provocations and insults...the defeat would be a similar reflection of it. Earn your throne in the most respectable manner and it shall remain with you as long as your nawaitu is for the greater good of your people and not to be placed on your personal preferences and agendas.

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